A New Chapbook from Bill Porter aka Red Pine

A Day in the Life: the Empty Bowl & Diamond Sutras is the first of our series called Sudden Thunder.

Empty Bowl is proud to present Red Pine’s newest offering: two sutras that record a day in the life of the Buddha when the Buddha was teaching the Prajnaparamita, the teaching that formed the basis of Buddhism’s Mahayana path. Not only are they among the shortest Prajnaparamita texts, they’re connected and read as if they span the events of a single day. In the Empty Bowl Sutra, which appears here in English for the first time, the Buddha’s disciples’ question Manjusri, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, on his way to town to beg for food, and he responds with the teaching of emptiness – that anything we might think of as real is illusory and its “thingness” based on nothing more than our own projections. In the Diamond Sutra, the translation of which has benefitted from recently discovered Sanskrit copies, the Buddha returns from his own begging round and tells his disciples what results when they combine this teaching with the vow to liberate others. In using the most significant events in his own career as an example, the Buddha presents one of the earliest accounts of how buddhas become buddhas. Both sutras are presented with a minimum of notes so that readers can experience the force of these texts uninterrupted and in a convenient hand-held, open-page format.

Royalties from the standard edition and proceeds from the signed limited edition of one hundred copies, bound by hand by the translator and friends of Empty Bowl in the foggy November light of 2018, will be donated to the establishment and maintenance of the Port Townsend Meditation Center—a nonprofit, nondenominational, community-based place for sitting and sharing the silence. Donations can be made online at our website:

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