Below are the titles of the Dalmo’ma series, published in Port Townsend, Washington, between1976 and 1986. Some numbers and other titles below are available at our Order page as indicated:

dalmo’ma #1, 1976 (letterpress)

Dalmo’ma #2, 1978

The Dalmo’ma Anthology #3 & 4, 1980 (available for $10)

Digging for Roots: Dalmo’ma #5, 1981

Working the Woods/working the Sea: Dalmo’ma #6, 1983 & 2008 (available)

In Our Hearts & Minds: Dalmo’ma #7, 1984 (available

Shadows of Our Ancestors: Dalmo’ma #8, 1986

The following titles, listed as Out-of-Print, are available in small quantities if ordered directly from Empty Bowl:

The Basin by Mike O’Connor

The Rainshadow by Mike O’Connor

The Straits by Michael Daley

Psyche Drives the Coast by Sharon Doubiago

Desire by Jodie Alieson

Banner photo: Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park, WA, 1977, photograph by Steven R. Johnson