Too Late to Turn Back Now: Prose & Poems 1980-2016 by Finn Wilcox


Too Late to Turn Back Now: Prose & Poems 1980-2016 by Finn Wilcox


Finn Wilcox is a legendary figure in the Northwest literary and environmental communities. Too Late to Turn Back Now collects Wilcox’s new work with all his previous published poetry and prose:

·         the freight-hopping and hobo poems and stories from his classic first book, Here Among the Sacrificed. Included are the poignant photographs by Steve R. Johnson.

·         the poems from Nine Flower Mountain, detailing his travels in China with noted translator Red Pine;

·         Lesson Learned, Love Poems

·         And Not Letting Go, a suite of new poems and stories.   

 “From hobo jungles alongside the railroad yards of the American West to the cave of a hermit nun on a mountain in China, from the hard-scrabble life of Pacific Northwest tree-planters to the tenderest of love lyrics, these poems and prose anecdotes sparkle like little gems... Quirky. Luminous. Authentic. Finn Wilcox is a man of great heart, and this book is witness to it.” --Clemens Starck

Finn Wilcox worked in the woods of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains for twenty-five years with Olympic Reforestation, a forest workers co-op, and planted over a million trees. He spent a great deal of time learning about life through hard travels—from riding freight trains up and down the West coast to hiking in the mountains of China searching for—and finding—Taoist/Buddhist hermits. With Jeremiah Gorsline, he edited the original and revised editions of WORKING THE WOODS, WORKING THE SEA: An Anthology of Northwest writing. He lives in Port Townsend, Washington.


Publication Date: April 1, 2018  ISBN 978-0-912887-52-4            $18.00 paperback         

164 pages

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